Wednesday, February 25, 2009

Molly or Melissa? Hey - how about NEITHER?

Wow. Thank you so much to those of you who left good wishes on my last post. Dad's hanging in there - he had an appointment with the surgeon scheduled for today, but things got backed up, and he didn't want to wait around all day. Honestly, I can't say I blame him. Even this early in the game, he kind of feels like he's getting the run-around from this practice - particularly since they wouldn't even be able to schedule his surgery until May (!!!). He went ahead and made an appointment with another practice in a city 25 minutes away for tomorrow, so hopefully that will go as well as we hope!

On another (far more superficial) note, I couldn't be any more obsessed with this season of the Bachelor. It's not even that I like Jason himself all that much - it's the drama, drama, drama...and the online spoiler/speculation/conspiracy theories that have popped up to a ridiculous extent, thanks in large part to Reality Steve.

I've gotta tell you, it's gotten so bad that I even had a seriously in-depth dream about the final episode of the Bachelor last night. It involved them bringing back participants from previous seasons, Jason himself being eliminated, and the potential for a girl choosing to be with another girl in the end...because that sounds like traditional ABC fodder, right? :)

So yes - I am ridiculously excited for this Monday. I may have to banish Mr. T from the television for the evening, because I think that this is an event that will have to be viewed LIVE rather than on the DVR! I can't be the only one who's obsessed with this stupid show, can I? Ladies, help me out here!

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girlonthepark said...

Just wanted to say I am so sorry to hear about your dad and that I hope his appointment went okay.
(Also, don't really watch The Bachelor, but sometimes catch the end of it and in an episode I saw the other day, the girl who was being kicked off compared her rejection to a "daiquiri" in the heart which made me laugh hysterically. Oh people on reality tv, how you always know just what to say ...)